• Approved Education Trips(Not School Sponsored)

    The Superintendent of the Spring Cove School District has authorized the principal of each building to determine if a tour or trip is of sufficient educational value to warrant an excused absence. The principal will use the following criteria in making this decision.

    Exceptions to these criteria will require the Superintendent’s attention.

    (1)      Only one trip per school year may be approved by the school principal.  The length of the tour or trip will be of reasonable duration depending on the educational value and the ability of the student to make up missed schoolwork.  No trip may exceed ten (10) school days without the prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools.  If another trip is requested, the Superintendent of Schools must provide approval.

    (2)      Prior to the trip the parent shall submit to the building a written request including all necessary dates, destinations, etc. that may be required.

    (3)     The student shall meet the following guidelines:

    a.       Have a good attendance record

    b.       Have satisfactory grades

    c.       Have a satisfactory citizenship record

    d.       Speak with his/her teachers to have a general idea of the work that will be covered during the absence             

    (4)      The student must be under the supervision of an adult person acceptable to the principal and to the parents of the pupil concerned.

    (5)      School days missed shall be recorded as excused absences.

    (6)      The student shall keep a daily diary and submit a written summation of the trip to the building principal when the student returns to school.                  


    The above guidelines are excerpted from the Spring Cove School District Administrative Regulations in accordance with Board Policy No. 204.