The Alumni Association has been contacted for help in located a 1946 Roaring Spring High Spring Yearbook.   If anyone knows of the location of one that could be borrowed to make a copy of one graduation picture, please email alumni@scsd.k12.pa.us 

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    In January of 1991 the Central High School Student Council organized a recognition of all Central High School graduates who were serving in Operation Desert Storm.

     According to Morrisons Cove Herald coverage of that event there were 43 such CHS graduates “ known to be serving in Persian Gulf :”


    Mark Snyder –’86                                                                 Wes Gorman –‘72

    William Franks-’89                                                                Richie Eckard –‘89

    Jason Gunnett –’89                                                                Kevin Smith – ‘84

    Jay Webb –’87                                                                       Paul Snowberger -

    James Ramsey-’87                                                                Patrick Holland –‘90

    Richard Robison -                                                                  Tracey Palko –‘89

    Paul Blanchard – ’75                                                  Donald Hunter – ‘88

    Patrick Blanchard – ’85                                                         Kent Kagarise - ‘89

    Thomas Blanchard – ’76                                                        Robert Taylor –‘88

    William Styers -                                                                     Andrew Acker – ‘87

    Frank Shoenfelt – ’89                                                            Mark Nelson –‘84

    Dale Plummer – ’87                                                     Kenneth Lingenfelter –‘88

    Thomas Bowers –’73                                                             Steven Ross –‘84

    Roger Weyandt –’89                                                             Robert Lewis –‘86

    Michael Warmath –’89                                                          Scott Steele –‘89

    David Lantz – ’88                                                                   Scott Sweeney –‘89

    George Gilbert - ’86                                                              Mark Stombaugh –‘80                      

    John Anderson –’88                                                               Lee Mowrey –‘88

    Mark Nycum –’88                                                                 Leslie (Frye) Brubaker –‘79

    Barry Diehl –’83                                                                    Douglas Warmath –‘84

    Philip Waite –’82                                                                    Shawn Pickell –‘ 88

                                                    Robert Ferrone –‘77                                                                Chuck Gurkin -'63

    The following article appeared in the Summer/Spring 2003 edition of the Central High School Alumni Newsletter.     As a show of respect for their service, we are looking to update our list of CHS alumni who have served our nation in either the Iraq or Afghan conflicts.   If you know of a CHS graduate who is not listed, but has served our country in that capacity we would appreciate knowing!  Please e-mail their name and conflict of duty to chsalum@scsd.k12.pa.us.



    Many Thanks!

    Included is what we are sure is only a partial list of Central High School Alumni who provided service for our military during the recent Gulf War. This list comes to us from many second-hand sources, so we cannot guarantee completeness.  Additions or corrections to our available information would be appreciated.

    Many thanks to not only the CHS graduates who took part in the conflict, but to all U.S. servicemen and women.

    CHS alumni who served included:

    Ken Nofsker –‘93

    Mike Seiler-‘97

    Nick Frick- ‘98

    Justin Welsh –‘98

    Nathan Dick –‘00

    Eric Helsel- ‘95

    Ted Keithly-‘89

    April Davis –‘99

    Ben Davis-‘98

    Allen Ferry- ‘93

    JR Weyandt –‘93

    Kahl Long –‘93

    Crystal Replogle- ‘95

    James Reilly –‘00

    Brandon Greenleaf-‘98

    Jason Reininger –‘98

    Barry Kauffman –‘83

    Adam Eastep –‘83

    CHS Alumni in Afghanistan or Iraq

    In addition to the list of CHS alumni who have served in an armed conflict in the 1990’s and early 2000’s we have attempted to update our lists with the names of more recent service.

    As always, any additions, updates or corrections would be appreciated.

    Paul Replogle –‘10 (Iraq)           Christian Kaplan – ‘09

    Christopher Replogle             Ronnie Snider –‘02

    Andrew Kurtz –‘10               Richie Young –‘03

    Daniel Musselman –’94           Brian Morse – ‘01

    Josten Hardy -’10                Michelle Beatty –‘03

    Craig Runk –’07          Thad Willey

    Adam Estep –’97                   Anthony Gonsman –‘01

    Dr. Luke Bloomquist ‘99 (Afghanistan)               Lorne Garner –‘02

    Sean Fernandes –’10                              Steve Klisiewicz- '90

    Dave Belles –‘09 (Afghanistan)      Beth Maze -'93

    Luke Hammaker –‘06                        Michelle Stultz -'93

    Jason Caruso –‘90                                 J.R. Kane -'93

    Robert Dick –‘96                                                 Gina Ayers –’96 (Kuwait and Qatar -6 tours)

    Joby Lanzendorfer-‘08

    James Bowcianoski –‘07

    Shane Salcedo –‘07

    Summer Salcedo-‘08

    Jeff Reid-‘07

    Chris Irvin –‘07

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