Title I  

     Title I is a federally funded education program which began in 1965.  The elementary schools in the Spring Cove School District operate Schoolwide Title I programs.  The purpose of a Schoolwide Title I program is to assist schools in providing a quality educational experience that enables all learners to meet State standards.  Schoolwide Title I funds are used to increase the amount and quality of learning time and to provide an enriched and accelerated curriculum for all children in order to achieve the program goals.  (Information regarding how to see our progress in meeting the student achievement goals established by the State will be coming soon!)  Schools are required to include parental input in planning and implementing the Title I program.  Parent-teacher communication and collaboration are critical to student success.  Contact information for Title I staff is listed below.

    Title I Coordinator

    Mrs. Kendra Pritchett
    Phone: 793-2014

    Martinsburg Elementary Title I Teachers

    Phone:  (814)793-2014 

    Mrs. Sherri Reed 

    Mrs. Joan Blinn  

     Title I Secretary - located in Spring Cove Elementary

    Mrs. Tina Diehl



    The Title I State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC) website www.spac.k12.pa.us provides additional information regarding parent involvement and resources. 

    Click the links below to view Spring Cove School District Title I policies.