• Program Description

    Gifted Support at Spring Cove School District follows Pennsylvania State Guidelines as set down in Chapter 16 of the School Code. The purpose is to meet the strength-based academic needs of students who are academically gifted.


    At SCSD, we recognize that subject area specialists can best deliver services to gifted students within the regular classroom setting with accommodations as specified in each student's GIEP. Students may access a variety of accommodations, including curriculum compacting, individualized enrichment, and acceleration. Plans are worked out individually among the gifted support teacher, the classroom teacher, the parent, and the student.


    Spring Cove School District provides gifted support to students who are eligible in accordance with Chapter 16 of the Pennsylvania School Code. In kindergarten through grade 12, strength-based, specially designed instruction is primarily delivered in the general education classroom setting. Students must have opportunities to work at a pace and depth which is consistent with their learning rates and their academic needs. When planning specially designed instruction to grow a student’s areas of strength, it is preferable to provide as much connection to the educator who has the most specialized knowledge in that content area. At the secondary level, students are encouraged to select courses which reflect their academic needs and their interests.


    The gifted support teacher remains a resource person and facilitator of the students GIEP. The gifted support teacher works in collaboration with classroom teachers and the student to assure that the student receives an appropriate degree of challenge and intellectual growth in the classroom. Students and parents are expected to take the initiative in contacting the gifted support teacher if they require help accessing services.