• Classroom Opportunities

    At SCSD, many courses are leveled by ability to meet the learning needs of all students.  But even in courses designated “honors” or “advanced placement,” students maintain the option stated in their GIEP to compact courses, to seek individualized enrichment, or to accelerate in order to meet their academic needs.

    Course compacting is a strategy whereby a student works with the classroom teacher and the gifted support teacher to develop a plan to work through the curriculum more rapidly than the rest of the class in order to provide time to focus on specific goals, on more in-depth work within the compacted area, or on an area of student interest.

    Individualized enrichment can occur easily within any setting, and provides an opportunity for in-depth learning as opposed to superficial, rapid coverage of a given curriculum.  The gifted teacher or the classroom teacher can provide enrichment materials for the student who wants to study a topic in depth. 
     Acceleration refers to the rare instances when a student tests out of an entire course by showing mastery of the material through passing the final exam for that course.  Acceleration also refers to skipping an entire grade level, but this is an extreme measure that usually takes place at the elementary level. 

    Gifted education continuum of acceleration/enrichment opportunities (K-12) available but not limited to

    • classroom-based acceleration and enrichment opportunities;

    • tiered and differentiated instruction;

    • curriculum compaction;

    • interdisciplinary and/or arts infused curriculum;

    • advanced grade or subject-level placement;

    • honors, AP, dual enrollment, and independent study courses;

    • self-directed projects and activities;