• The Role of the Gifted Support Teacher


    The gifted support teacher works collaboratively with the general education teacher to help him/her understand his/her role and function in the development and implementation of the GIEP.


    The gifted support teacher will

    • offer teachers support on how to differentiate for the gifted (and advanced) learners;

    • collect documentation from the general education teacher to report on goal progress in the GIEP;

    • collect and analyze data, coordinate assessments with appropriate professionals, communicate with student and parents to develop an academically appropriate GIEP;

    • schedule and conduct GIEP meetings, monitor signature of the NORA;

    • inform service providers (general education teachers) of their responsibilities for specific identified students in a timely fashion;

    • provide direct instruction to gifted students in strength areas (when specifically called for and certification allows); and

    • support enrichment and acceleration for the identified student (space to work, resources, managing deadlines, consulting with teachers, collecting documentation, reporting to parents, etc.).