• Student Identification

    Screen Protocol

    A multi-level screening process is used at Spring Cove School District.  Spring Cove School District implements a comprehensive child find process for students in grades K-12 with a special focus on students in grades K-5.  The comprehensive child find process utilizes universal screening data in literacy and math.  This data is collected three times a year (September, January, and May).  Students who perform at or higher than the predetermined cut-offs are identified by the grade level teams.  During the universal screening process, students who meet the established cut-offs in the minimum number of areas are referred for further, diagnostic screening.

    Evaluation Protocol

    Requests for a gifted multidisciplinary evaluation (GMDE) may result from the comprehensive child find process or through parent referral.   Parents who suspect that their child is gifted may request a GMDE of their child at any time, with a limit of one request per school term.  The request must be in writing.