• Chromebooks for Education
    The following video provides and overview of how Chromebooks can be a valuable educational tool for teachers and students. It also highlights some of the features of Chromebooks.
    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome is the default web browser on Chromebooks.  It is also available as a free download for laptops, desktops and many mobile devices.  Chrome works similar to Internet Explorer and other popular browsers.  Users who create a Google Chrome login can save and access their bookmarks, apps and settings from any computer using the Chrome browser.  View the Google Chrome Start Guide for more information.  For more detailed information, view the following video:
    Google Drive
    Formerly known as Google Documents, Google Drive provides users with access to create, edit, save and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations online.  Files created or stored in Google Drive can be accessed from any computer and most mobile devices.  Files can also be shared among users to allow for real-time collaboration.  Take the Google Drive Interactive Tour to learn how to login, create, edit, and share documents.  If you are a beginner, read Google Apps Getting Started. For step-by-step directions for sharing, view How to Share and Collaborate or the video below.
    Collaborative Writing with Google Docs
    The following video shares the story of a teacher who uses Google Docs in her high school English classroom to provide a way for students to collaborate on writing assignments.  (The video will open in a new window.)
    Click to view the video.