•  Spring Cove School District
    1-to-1 Computing Initiative 
    • Establish a consistent replacement cycle to avoid large purchases during any single year.
    • Provide students with immediate access to online resources and educational apps.
    • Provide access to online textbooks.
    • Develop 21st Century Technology Skills such as creating, collaborating, communicating, researching, and digital citizenship.
    What is a Chromebook?
    A Chromebook is a laptop that uses the Google Chrome browser to access web sites and online resources.   
    Why Chromebooks?
    After comparing the cost and compatibility of Chromebooks, iPads and laptops, Chromebooks were found to be less expensive and more compatible with online resources currently used by our teachers and students. 
    Chromebooks for Education
    The following video provides and overview of how Chromebooks can be a valuable educational tool for teachers and students. It also highlights some of the features of Chromebooks.
    Who will receive Chromebooks?
    Central High School students will have an opportunity to take a Chromebook home if desired.  Teachers have cart-based Chromebooks in classrooms for daily student use.  At Spring Cove Middle School, all students have the opportunity to use a Chromebook for daily use as well as home use.   Parents and students will be required to sign the Chromebook Loan Form before the Chromebook will be provided to the student.  
    • Chromebooks are intended for use for educational activities as directed by classroom teachers. 
    • The Chromebook is for use only by the student to which it is assigned. 
    • The guidelines established in the SCSD Acceptable Use of Computer Network policy apply to Chromebook use.
    • There shall not be any expectation of privacy when using SCSD equipment, network resources, or email. The district reserves the right to monitor, log and inspect user activity.
    • Inappropriate use of the Chromebooks will result in disciplinary action.
    General Care:
    • Always close the Chromebook before moving it and use a protective sleeve.
    • Use extra caution with the screen. Only clean it with a clean, soft, dry microfiber cloth or anti-static cloth. Do not put pressure on the screen or stack objects such as books on top of the Chromebook.
    • Keep foods and liquids away from the Chromebook.
    • Do not expose the Chromebook to temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or to freezing temperatures.
    • Additional information can be found in the Chromebook User Guide.

    Start Up and Shut Down:

    • Connect the power supply if you are not sure that the battery is charged.

    • The Chromebook automatically powers on when the cover/screen is opened.

    • Use the power button to awake the Chromebook from standby is the cover/screen is open but the screen is black.

    • Closing the cover/screen places the Chromebook on standby if the student is signed in.  If the student signs out, closing the cover/screen shuts down the Chromebook.

    How to Login:

    • Students will use their SCSD email address to login to the Chromebooks.  The email address is the student number followed by @students.scsd.k12.pa.us.

      • Example:  123456@students.scsd.k12.pa.us

    • Student passwords are the student’s lunch number followed by scsd.

      • Example:  1234scsd

      • Note:  The Chromebook password is different than the password used to login to desktops and laptop computers at school.


    • If the Chromebook is lost, stolen or damaged, the parent/guardian will be billed for the appropriate repair or replacement as per School Board Policy 224 Care of School Property subsection 4 Student/Parent Liability.

    • Damage, loss, or theft should be reported immediately.

    • The Chromebook will be returned to the district when a student leaves the district prior to the end of the school year or at the end of each school year for students who enrolled through the end of the school year.

    • If Chromebooks are taken home, students should charge the Chromebooks each night.