• Special Education Services Philosophy and Goals


    The philosophy of Spring Cove Education Services is to provide each student with an individualized program designed to meet the student’s needs as an exceptional learner in accordance with Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The goal is to enable each student to utilize the potential that he/she possesses to become a well-adjusted contributing member of society. We believe that each student, regardless of exceptionality, is entitled to this opportunity in the least restrictive environment. 

    In order for the special education program to be most effective, the staff will utilize a variety of methods, strategies, and resources. To enhance the special education program, teachers and teacher assistants are involved in ongoing education regarding teaching innovations, updated information and teacher effectiveness. Teachers are continually being trained in scientifically-proven instructional strategies. Progress monitoring is being implemented in math and language arts areas to ensure that students make appropriate progress. It is essential to work closely with parents to provide cooperative support between the home and school which will enable to student to achieve success. 

    A major component of the program is to facilitate a successful “transition” from school to community. The program will prepare our students for continuing education, and the world of work through career education, vocational training, and/or work experience. This program has been enhanced through a Pennsylvania Department of Education Performance Grant for Transition that the district received in 2005-06 with three other rural Blair County Schools. The grant enabled the schools to coordinate transition efforts and establish common career training and employment sites for students, support students with job coaches, and implement a career curriculum in the classroom. 

    Our belief is that children can best be served through the cooperative efforts of teachers, principals, support personnel, and parents. In order to meet the needs of all students, ranging from those with special abilities or minor handicaps to those with more extreme handicaps, a complete system of support services, identification, diagnosis, and placement has been developed. 


    The special services staff of Spring Cove School District shall:

    1. Advocate inclusion in all facets of school life.
    2. Enlist support from regular education teachers to ensure the success of disabled students.
    3. Provide skills necessary so that students fulfill their potential and become productive members of society.
    4. Encourage parents to be actively involved in the educational process.
    5. Provide activities and an atmosphere conducive to the development and improvement of self-esteem and emotional well-being.
    6. Help students prepare for a successful transition from the school environment. 

      Click to link to the PaTTAN (Pennsylvania Training & Technical Assistance Network) web site
      The mission of PaTTAN is to support the efforts of the Bureau of Special Education and its initiatives and to build the capacity of local educational agencies to provide appropriate services to students who receive special education services.