• Study Island is a web based program that provides math, reading and science PSSA practice. The program is available to use at school and at home to all K-5 students. A limited number of accounts are available for use by middle school and high school students for PSSA remediation.

    Help and Directions
    Live support is available through the main menu and the Help menu. This will provide the fastest response. A Study Island Teacher Reference Manual is available below and through the Help menu. You can also use the Help menu in Study Island to access video tutorials and other directions. Directions are also available through the Teacher How-To section of StudyIsland support.  You can always log in as a student to see if the assignments are showing up correctly.
    Class Set Up
    It keeps things simple if teachers only create one class. Elementary classes are imported at the beginning of each school year based on the homeroom listing in PowerSchool.  You can assign different assignments to individual students or groups of students without creating different classes.  If students are still seeing classes from a previous year, ask the teacher from the previous year to remove your students from their class.

    Assignment Set Up
    After you add at least one assignment (Create Practice and Instruction Assignment) change Class Page Activated to YES on the Class Page and Assignments tab. Students will not see the assignments until this is done.

    New Students & Student Transfers

    Use Add Students to an Existing Class to add or remove students from your class. If a new student needs to be added to Study Island, please notify Penny or Dawn. They enroll all new students in Study Island, 4Sight and AR.

    Teacher Logins
    Nearly all teacher user names end with @scsd (gisenberg@scsd) because the user names that we typically use were already in use by users from other schools.

    Student Logins
    Students should use their lunch number as their password. Most students can use their six digit ID number as their user name. Many students, especially in the primary grades, have an extra number added to their Study Island user name because their user name was already in use by a student in another district. To view a list of user names, click Class Manager, View Class Roster, and select your class from the All Classes menu at the top of the screen.
    Use the School Stats menu to run reports. The Blue Ribbon Report is the most popular report for viewing the progress of each student in your class in one report. Feel free to explore and run any other reports that are helpful.

    How to Adjust Difficulty Level
    The average score to achieve proficiency in most topics is around 70%. For brighter students, Study Island suggests increasing that to 90% so that they are more challenged at grade level, before they attempt above grade level work.
    1. Go to School Stats.
    2. Click “Adjust Student Difficulty” (link toward top center of screen).
    3. Select your grade level and class under "Option 1" - Adjust Passing Parameters. Click Next.
    4. Check the name(s) of the students for whom the passing parameters will be adjusted, and use the pull down menus to choose the subjects affected and then choose one of the options.
    How to Remove Unwanted Test Scores

    If a student has a number of low quiz scores which are preventing him or her from earning a blue ribbon, it may be appropriate to remove one or more low sessions.  Study Island uses the average of all quiz scores for a topic to calculate the student’s average.  If a student scores a very low score on a quiz, it will take many passing quiz scores to raise the average high enough to earn a blue ribbon.


    1.  Login to Study Island.

    2.  From the School Stats screen, select the following:  Blue Ribbon Report, Gradebook Format, your class and your grade.  Click View Report.

    3.  Click one of the blue links (under Math, Reading or Writing) for a student.

    4.  Look for topics where a student has completed many sessions but has not earned a blue ribbon.  Click View Sessions to open a list of sessions and scores.

    5.  Click the check box next to sessions that you wish to remove and then click Remove Checked Sessions.  In the example below, the first two sessions should be removed since the student only answered a few questions and did not answer any questions correctly.

    6.  Click OK to confirm that you wish to remove the selected sessions.