• What is PLATO? 
    PLATO provides tutorial software used to build basic skills, remediate problem areas and to provide enrichment.  Our PLATO program is a web-based system known as PLE-PLATO Learning Environment.  Content is currently available for secondary math, language arts and science.

    Who Can Use PLATO?
    PLATO was purchased primarily for PSSA remediation at CHS.  It is available for use by any secondary teacher or student.  Please submit a work order in Track-It! if you would like a PLATO login.

    Which Computers Can be Used For PLATO?
    At school, PLATO can only be on computers that have had the required plugins installed by the tech team.  Students may use PLATO from home provided that they install the plugins (PLATO will prompt the user to install any plugins that are not already installed).  Due to the large amount of bandwidth required, do not use PLATO on a computer using a wireless Internet connection.

    How Many Students Can Use PLATO at the Same Time?
    The district currently owns 20 licenses of math and 20 language arts.  Up to 40 students can use PLATO at any one time as long as no more than 20 students are using lessons from the same subject area.  All students have PLATO accounts and can be assigned assignments but no more than 40 students can use PLATO at the same time.

    How Do I Access PLATO?
    Click the PLATO link on the SCSD home page or go to:
    Account Name: SCSD
    PLATO Name: 6 digit student ID number (teachers and aides use first initial and last name)
    Password: student password= 4 digit lunch number  (teacher and aide passwords provided during training)

    Click the ?Help link while using PLATO.
    PLATO Support Web Site: platosupport.plato.com (we are using PLE-PLATO Learning Environment)
    SCSD Tech Team: Submit requests through the IT HELP DESK link on the district home page.