• Accelerated Reader  
    What is Accelerated Reader?
    Accelerated Reader is a web based program that is designed to encourage reading practice. The program is designed to be part of our existing reading program.

    How Does AR Work?
    After determining the student reading level through a diagnostic test (Star Reading Test), students will select and read books that have been marked with a reading level at or close to the student's reading level. After reading each book, students will take a short quiz and will earn points based on the number of pages read. Teachers set goals for the number of books that should be read in a year and for the number of points earned by each student.
    How Can I Print a Class List?
    1. On the Renaissance Place home page, click Reports under the Accelerated Reader section of the page.
    2. Click School Management.
    3. Click Student Information Report.
    4. Select any options that you wish to include in the report and click View Report. The report will open in Adobe Reader.

    I Need a New Student Added to My Class
    Students who move into the district after the summer upload has been completed in August, must be hand entered. In our elementary schools, this is done by the computer lab aides. If you need to have a new student added to your AR class, please provide the student id and lunch number to your computer lab aide.
    How Can I Disable the Monitor Password?
    To avoid entering the monitor password (admin) for every student before they can access the Star Reading assessment, complete the following steps.
    1. Log in to Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Place.
    2. Under Star Reading click Preferences.
    3.  Select your class name from the Class drop down menu.
    4. Click Testing Password.
    5. Remove the check from Monitor.
    6. Click Save.
    Where Can I Find Help?
    The live chat service provides the fastest response. Use it any time you have an AR question or problem. You can also ask another teacher.
    Where Can I Find Training?
    Teacher manuals as well as best practices for using AR are available on the Renaissance Training Center web site.  The site also includes directions for using reports, setting goals and how to use vocabulary quizzes.
    Which Report Should I Run?
    Diagnostic - Reading Practice - found under AR Reading Practice report.  AR recommends running this report every week to monitor student progress and to identify potential problem areas for each student.  Directions for Running a Diagnostic Report .
    Star Reading: Summary – use to list all students with ZPG reading level after the completion of the STAR Reading Test. Give copies of this report to your librarian and to learning support and resource teachers.
    Star Reading: Parent – English – best report to provide to parents.
    Star Reading: Growth – run this report after your students have taken more than one Star Reading test to evaluate progress.
    Accelerate Reader: Reading Practice, Student Record – lists all AR quizzes taken with quiz info and results. Click the page break option to have the results printed one student only per page.
    My Report Will Not Print
    Click the printer icon on the report (or press Ctrl and P on your keyboard) to print the reports. Using File, Print does not work.
    Can Students Take AR Quizzes from Home?
    No. AR has told us that students are not permitted to take quizzes from home since the quiz environment would not be the same as the school environment which is monitored by the teacher.
    Can I Delete a Quiz Score to Allow a Student to Retake a Quiz?
    Yes.  Under the Accelerated Reader tab click on Class Record Books > Reading Practice Quizzes. Click on the student's name. Find the appropriate quiz record in the list (you may need use the student quiz search tool on the left) and click Delete.