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    4Sight Benchmark Assessments are used to help to prepare students for the reading and math PSSA exams.  The Success for All member center web site is available to track student results.
    Accelerated Reader   Accelerated Reader is a web based program that is designed to encourage reading practice.  The program is designed to be part of our existing K-6 reading program. 
    aimswebOnline progress monitoring software for special education.

    As members of blendedschools.net, Spring Cove School District has access to a complete cyber school curriculum for K-12 students. Access to blendedschools.net provides the resources for Spring Cove to serve as a cyber school.  Access is available for all Spring Cove teachers to use the blendedschools.net technology tools in the regular classroom or for online instruction.

    Cognitive Tutor

    Online math curriculum from Carnegie Learning used at HS.


    All district employees are provided with an email account.  Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access may be used to send and receive email.

     File Storage and Network Drives

    All students and employees are provided with storage space on the SCSD file servers for school use. 

    Google Apps

    Free communication and collaboration tools available to all SCSD employees and teachers.  Google Apps include email, file storage, file sharing, calendars and more.  Teachers and students can create, store and share files online using Google Drive.

    IEP Writer

    Online program for writing Individualized Education Plans.
     OER OER Commons is a teaching and learning network of shared materials, from K-12 through college, from algebra to zoology, open to everyone.  Find college courses or K-12 lesson plans. Search lectures, labs, or syllabi that are open to adapt for your own use.  


    Web-based tutorial software used to build basic skills, remediate problem areas and to provide enrichment.  PLATO is used with the remediation program at CHS.

    Power Library  

    The POWER library provides access to thousands of full text periodical articles, newspapers, a major encyclopedia, plus photographs, pictures, charts, maps, and reference materials.  The Access PA POWER Library icon should be available on the desktop of all district computers.
    PowerSchool Student records management system used for grading and student records.  Teachers use PowerTeacher to record and report grades.  Parents and students have access to view grades through the district home page.
    PowerTeacher Web-based gradebook program used by teachers to record and report grades.  PowerTeacher communicates with PowerSchool to provide teachers with class lists and to record grades and attendance. 

    Standards Aligned System

    The Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System (SAS) is a collaborative product of research and good practice that identifies Clear Standards, Fair Assessments, Curriculum Framework, Instruction, Materials & Resources, and Interventions.


    The Canon copiers can be used as scanners. Use the Send function to send scanned documents by email.
    Study Island
    Study Island is an online program that provides math, reading and science PSSA practice.  The program is available to use at school and at home to all K-5 students.  A limited number of accounts are available for use by middle and high school students for PSSA and Keystone Exam remediation.
    Web Page
    Schoolwires web space is provided for use by teachers, administrators and staff members to provide access to school information, news and announcements for students, parents and the community.

    Wireless Internet

    All buildings are equipped with wireless access points to provide access to the Internet and SCSD network drives.