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 Name:  Miss Lemmon
 Title:    School Counselor  

Schools/GradesMartinsburg Elementary (3-5)     

Thank you for visiting my webpage.  My goal is to help your child succeed, and just like you, I want the best for your child.  Your support, communication, and cooperation can help make your child's school year a rewarding experience.  To share your concerns, you can reach me at 814.793.2014 or by email at rlemmon@springcovesd.org.

*All information is kept strictly confidential.*

Your child will see me regularly in his or her classroom during the Specials rotation most of the school year.  Together we will discuss social-emotional skills through the Second Step program. Please feel free to log-in or look for the extra practice sheets that your child brings home.  We want you to know what we are doing in Guidance classes, and please know that your child is THE BEST part of my day!  :)