Spring Cove School District Board of Directors
School Board 2016
Seated (L to R)  Mr. Harold Blattenberger, Mr. James Smith,  Mr. Floyd Deterline, Mrs. Amy Acker-Knisely, 
Standing (L to R)  Mrs. Christine Gojmerac, Miss Mary Smith, Dr. Betsy Baker (Superintendent),
Mr. Troy Wright, Mr. Brian Gahagan,   Mr. Jason Rhykerd was absent when the photo was taken.
An e-mail address has been created so that community members may submit comments to the School Board regarding issues or concerns related to public education. All communication received via this e-mail account will be shared with all members of the School Board.

Please send your comments to schoolboard@springcovesd.org

Board of School Directors The Spring Cove School District is governed by a Board comprised of nine members elected by the citizens of the following townships and boroughs:

         Freedom Township
         Huston Township
         Martinsburg Borough
         North Woodbury Township
         Roaring Spring Borough
         Taylor Township

The Board is governed by Pennsylvania School Code and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Board acts as the agent for the residents of the Spring Cove School District in matters related to public education. The quality and performance of the school system is the Board's primary concern. The Board establishes educational goals for District students and governs a program of education designed to meet those goals. This program includes, but is not limited to, the adoption of courses of study and textbooks; and the employment of all staff members, including their duties, wages and salaries, and terms of employment. The Board is responsible for enforcing mandatory laws and regulations. The Board is committed to educating all students to the best of their individual abilities and is the agent responsible for establishing, maintaining and evaluating the public education activities of the school district, in accordance with law.
Term expirations are listed below:

Board Member

Term Expires

Mrs. Amy Acker-Knisely


Mr. Harold Blattenberger


Mr. Floyd Deterline


Mr. Brian Gahagan  

Mrs. Christine Gojmerac


Mr. Jason Rhykerd


Mr. James Smith


Miss Mary Smith


Mr. Troy Wright

The Board is comprised of six committees that work to conduct the business of the District. The committees are as follows:

Educational Program Committee
Finance and Legal Committee
Student Services and Activities Committee
Buildings and Grounds Committee
Personnel and Executive Committee

The Board is served by the law firm of Beard Legal Group and the auditing firm of Ritchey, Ritchey and Koontz.